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DCS Ultrafiltration UNITS:

DC Solutions team worked closely with experts from HYDRANAUTICS and developed standard UF units with capacity ranging from 60 m3/d to 450 m3/d depending on selected unit and feed water quality. Units are very compact, so they require small footprint and are easy to transport. PLC control with touch screen HMI provides automatic control of the filtration and cleaning process. Optionally the unit can be equipped with remote access and control. Units has been designed to provide maximal performance in various water treatment applications including:

·        Drinking and process water treatment (brackish surface and well water)

·        Industrial and municipal waste water treatment

·        Optionally the units can be modified for seawater applications.

There are two sizes readily available:

DCS UF UNIT 100 – This unit consists of one HYDRAcap®MAX 60 module and can provide from 60 to 150 m3/day of treated water, depending on feed water quality and temperature.

DCS UF UNIT 300 - This unit consists of three HYDRAcap®MAX 60 modules and can provide from 180 to 450 m3/day of treated water, depending on feed water quality and temperature.

Advantages of the standard UF units are:

·        No need for engineering

·        Proven and quality parts suppliers e.g. Grundfos, Azud, etc.

·        Short delivery time

·        Automatic control with possible remote access

·        Available accessories e.g. activated carbon filter, disinfection by chemicals and/or UV

·        Made in EU according to European norms and standards




Hydranautics offers a wide range of ultrafiltration and microfiltration modules based on polymeric hollow fibers. After many years of experience with PES hollow fiber UF technology HYDRAcap®, brought HYDRANAUTICS in year 2011 to the market HYDRAcap®MAX technology. This UF technology is based on PVDF membrane made with TIPS technology, so it has an outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance. High strength PVDF membrane minimizes fiber breakage rate and ensures consistently superior filtrate quality. Pore size of 0.08 µm provides excellent particle retention and bacteria retention. No backwash pump is required for HYDRAcap®MAX systems. Physical cleaning is performed with air scouring thanks to a unique and patented air diffuser design. Thanks to this recovery rates typically exceed 97 %, so only 3 % of feed water is turned into wastewater. 


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