Hydranautics membranes // Dear Customers, if you need advice on choosing a suitable membranes, product comparison or membrane design, please feel free to contact us via e-mail sales@dcsolutions.cz.

Membrane systems solutions

We are helping our clients to choose the right water treatment technology. Membrane separation is currently one of the most advance water treatment technologies. By proper selection of water treatment technology our clients can safe great amount of money not only for water treatment itself, but also in production floor that is typically highly dependent on water supply and quality.

Product support

We know our products perfectly and so we are ready to help with selection of the best products for our clients to fulfil their needs.

Technical Support and System design

In addition to our wide range of membrane and other water treatment products, DC Solutions provides complex technical and sales support for water treatment projects. The scope is not limited to the following areas:

Reverse osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration, Process separation
Process design – based on client’s requirements and provided feed water specification and analysis we help our clients with selection of suitable membrane process and ideal membrane type selection, calculation of number of needed modules or elements. Guidance during creation of PFD and PID schemes.
Mechanical design – consultation of piping, pumps, instrumentation and other equipment selection.
Control logic – guidance during creation of Functional description of the membrane water treatment systems as well as implementation to other treatment steps.
Commissioning – remote or personal support during all phases of the commissioning of the membrane systems e.g. Factory Acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Testing etc.
Operator Training - complex operator training, including documentation of service and maintenance at the project site.
Process optimization and troubleshooting – our experienced engineers help our clients to optimize performance of newly installed or existing membrane systems.
Data processing and evaluation – system performance analysis based on the historical operating data records. Evaluation of cleaning efficiency.

We also provide comprehensive training on the above-mentioned fields in client’s premises or in our training room in a beautiful historical city of Prague.

Ultrafiltration membrane units

Design and fabrication of UF units with capacity 8400 m3 of drinking water per day.

Audits and technical innovation proposals

Are you looking to expand your water purification system? Our company will prepare an audit and suggestions of possible solutions for expansion, efficiency and energy saving.

Supervision to your project

During the construction we supervise the course, connection, installation and testing of the membranes supplied by us.


All HYDRANAUTICS’ products are undergoing extensive QC testing.

HYDRANAUTICS is the only company on current market that tests all the supplied 8” RO elements. Thanks to this, chance of failure is virtually eliminated.  

Teams of R&D experts in USA and Japan are constantly improving our products.

Laboratory tests

On customers request we carry out all laboratory tests of possible membrane technologies in order to identify suitable membranes and operating parameters. We also provide analyses of incoming and outgoing water on existing systems.



Standard reverse osmosis units:

DC Solutions offers wide range of standardized compact Reverse Osmosis units for Brackish and Seawater treatment. The available capacity is ranging from 1,7 m3/day up to 1000 m3/day. All units include 5 micron filter, auto-flushing, recirculation, antiscalant dosing and PLC. Other optional equipment and accessories also available. Units are designed and made in European Union. We use only reliable components from renowned suppliers.

Benefits of standard reverse osmosis units:

Compact design
Short lead-time
Easy installation
Highly reliable systems made of high quality and proven equipment
Mounted on stainless steel skid
Easy operation and maintenance
Lowest possible cost
HYDRANAUTICS leading RO membranes

Tailor made reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems

Based on request DC Solutions is able to design RO and NF systems to precisely meet client’s specific requirements. The tailor-made RO and NF systems are reflecting the latest development in membrane industry, so the project specific system delivers the most efficient modern solution with lowest possible operating costs. The RO and NF systems can be designed to fit into existing buildings and shipping containers. To provide maximum performance, recovery and treated water quality with minimum foot-print the RO and NF system can be designed with UF or other pre-treatment and post-treatment technologies. As a standard SWRO systems are designed with modern Energy Recovery Devices (ERD) in order to provide minimum energy consumption.

Tailor made system can provide wide range of water quality, from just softened water to ultrapure water for special application. Recovery of the RO system can be adjusted from 40 % to more than 90 %. This reflects the global growing demand for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies.


Ultrafiltration units and systems

DC Solutions offers two series of mobile Ultrafiltration units with HYDRANAUTICS’ state of the art membrane technology HYDRAcapMAX.

HYDRAcube CWTS series - Large containerized units with capacity ranging from 3400 to 8400 m3/day, these units can provide Ultra-filtered water for small to large cities, large enterprises, manufacturing plants, etc. Units could be used as a permanent or temporary extension to existing treatment plants without need for construction works and long approval processes. These units are also suitable in case of major disasters, biological contamination, floods or any sudden events which have an impact on water quality.

DCS UF UNIT – Small mobile units with capacity ranging from 100 to 300 m3/day, designed for smaller towns, municipalities, apartment buildings, manufacturing companies, hospitals etc. Besides highest water quality produced by Ultrafiltration process the advantages are easy handling, transportation and “plug and play” installation. Units are fully automated and require minimum attention and maintenance. Thanks to the compact dimension these units can fit into existing buildings.

All units are high quality made in Czech Republic according to the international standards and norms.

Utilization of ultrafiltration units:

Economically efficient alternative to municipal drinking water from alternative sources
High quality water pre-treatment for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
Quick extension of existing drinking or industrial water treatment systems
Further improvement of insufficient water quality after sand or media filtration when removal of viruses or bacteria is needed.
Can be used during dry seasons as a supplement to conventional water supplies by utilizing alternative sources (rivers, streams, ponds, reservoir)
During floods or serious environmental disasters, when water sources are contaminated.
Waste water treatment for reuse and recycle
Treatment of industrial streams for reuse and recycle