Hydranautics HYDRAcap60plus-A

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HYDRAcap® is a technology using ultrafiltration PES hollow fibers (0.025 um pore size). The modules are suitable for a wide range of applications including ground water and pretreated surface water for potable water production. The low fouling hydrophilic structure enables to operate at high fluxes for long filtration periods.Hydranautics has more than fifteen years of experience providing HYDRAcap® modules (available with a 0.8mm ID fiber diameter or a 1.2 mm ID fiber diameter for high solids load applications).

The HYDRAcap®+ range exhibits 20% higher membrane area than standard HYDRAcap® range for the optimized footprint.Regarding UF permeate quality, a 5 LRV bacteria and 4 LRV virus can be achieved thanks to tight pore size (0.025 µm).All HYDRAcap® models have NSF61 certification for potable water applications.

Multibore Capillary UF Module            
Filtrate Flow: 17.7 – 35.7 gpm (3.3 – 8.1 m3/h)    
Filtrate Turbidity: ≤ 0.07 NTU        
Virus removal ≥ 4 log          
Bacteria removal ≥ 4 log          
Configuration: Capillary Ultrafiltration Module      
Membrane Polymer: Hydrophilic Polyethersulfone      
Nominal Membrane Area: 605 ft2 (56 m2)        
Fiber Dimensions: Bore Diameter 0.035” (0.9 mm)      
  Outer Diameter 0.149” (3.8 mm)    
  0.02 micron        
*Please refer to standard testing conditions and details in the enclosed datasheet



Less Then Crate (LTC) surcharge rates
Surcharge per element for Less Then Crate (LTC) will be applicable as stated below.
HYDRAcap membranes (< 8 pieces) = 100€ / membrane
HYDRAcapMAX membranes (< 6 pieces) = 100€ / membrane
HYDRAsub elements (< 10 pieces) = 50€ / element