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Hydranautics SuPRO

Robust microfiltration membranes for the most difficult applications
Our polysulphone MF membrane with a 300K MWCO provides high flow and rejection with excellent tensile strength. These are constructed sanitary style with a polypropylene net wrap and its components conform to FDA regulation CFR Title 21, “3A Sanitary Standards for Crossflow Membrane Modules, Number 45-02”, EC Reg No. 1935/2004, and EU Reg No. 10/2011.
Clarification application in the sugar industry  
Clarification of enzyme streams, fruit and vegetable, juices, wine etc.
Model Diameter, inches Length, inches Feed spacer, inches
SuPRO-8338-60 8.35 38 0.06
SuPRO-8338-80 8.35 38 0.08
SuPRO-8338-100 8.35 38 0.1