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Hydranautics HYDRApro

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Specialized membranes for the most difficult and challenging feed streams
The HYDRApro® series is a unique set of spiral wound membranes customized specifically for industrial process applications. These membranes are based on existing Hydranautics high-performance membrane products which have been specially designed to treat a variety of challenging industrial feed streams including high fouling, high temperature, or chemically aggressive feeds.
All HYDRApro® products are available in 4040 and 8040 sizes.              
Reclamation Of Hot Process Water              
Condensate Recycle              
Color Removal In Sugar Processing              
Chemicals Recovery              
High Temperature Produced Water Recycle              
Softening Of Concentrated Brine Solutions              
Laundry Wastewater Recycle              
Textile Wastewater Recycle              
Recovery Of Proteins & Bio-Compounds              
Product Name Size              
HYDRApro®-500 Series 4″/8″ diameter & 40″ length              
HYDRApro®-400 Series 4″/8″ diameter & 40″ length              
The 500 series offers membrane elements used in the light process industry such as textile and laundry to reclaim laundry waste water etc.