Consistently delivering exceptional performance

ESNA membranes by Hydranautics are designed using the latest technology and exhibit unparalleled performance at ultra-low pressures. Ideal for softening applications and removal of pesticides and pathogens, ESNA membranes provide 50-90% salt rejection.

ESNA membranes also remove iron and TOC (Total Organic Carbon), while allowing passage of monovalent ions like sodium and chloride. This makes them the preferred choice for municipal potable water systems. Hydranautics advanced membrane technology and unique features of ESNA membranes help achieve significant savings in operation cost and energy. This makes them these membranes the preferred choice for municipal potable water systems.


NANO-BW are high performance nanofiltration membranes ideal for treatment of low salinity surface or ground waters containing high molecular weight organics or pesticides. They provide 50%-90% salt rejection with ultra-low-pressure operations, increased energy savings, and significantly lower installation and operating costs.


Superior Selective Membrane Chemistry

The NANO-SW nanofiltration membrane product line is primarily used in the oil and gas industry. These membranes are high-performance nanofiltration membranes which are able to selectively remove sulfate, thereby reducing the risks of scaling and reservoir souring when seawater is injected into the oil containing reservoirs for secondary oil production in offshore production. The membrane rejects 99.8% of sulfate while passing other ions, particularly monovalent ions such as chloride and sodium, allowing for ultra-low-pressure operations.

They use patented Low Differential LD™ technology designed to minimize colloidal fouling. NANO-SW membranes use a patented 34 mil thickness feed spacer that prevents colloidal fouling and increases the effectiveness of membrane cleaning – resulting in lower differential pressure.

As a result, the NANO-SW membrane does not need to be cleaned frequently – thus reducing treatment cost – while offering extreme durability and consistent performance.

NANO-SW membrane is globally acclaimed for high sulfate rejection characteristics in oil and gas seawater injection applications. It significantly reduces operating costs and provides optimum hardness rejection in softening applications.


Hydranautics’ HYDRACoRe® (Hydranautics Color Removal) membranes are sulfonated polyethersulfone-based spiral-wound, crossflow elements that can be used for potable water as well as industrial applications in which color reduction with minimal removal of dissolved salts is desired. The key advantage of the HYDRACoRe® technology is the membranes’ superior chlorine-tolerance ( up to 100 ppm chlorine during short term cleansing)