Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse osmosis is a process that removes particles having with a molecular weight cutoff of 100 to 200. This process is perfect for removing substances such as: metal ions, acids, sugars, dyes, natural resins and ions. Hydranautics’ RO membrane offers various degrees of flux and rejection characteristics, specifically suited to treat multiple and diverse water treatment applications.

Nanofiltration (NF)

Nanofiltration membranes remove particles with a molecular weight cutoff of 200 to 1500. These membranes are ideal for applications requiring the removal of divalent ions, organics, color, bacteria and viruses. Each are ideally suited for integration with either RO or UF membrane products for primary or secondary treatment.

Ultrafiltration (UF) / Microfiltration (MF)

Hydranautics offers a wide range of ultrafiltration and microfiltration modules based on polymeric hollow fibers. All membranes solutions offered can be used as a replacement of conventional treatment systems combining benefits of high permeate quality and low footprint requirements. Using Hydranautics ultrafiltration products, RO membranes may be used downstream more safely while operating at higher fluxes with longer intervals between cleans.

Process Separations

Process Separation includes membranes used in various special liquid-liquid separation applications other than waste water treatment and desalination. DairyRO is widely used in concentration of UF permeate, whey, skim milk and polishing applications.

SanRO® and SanRO®HS are specially used in pharmaceutical industry to obtain USP purified water for injection systems.