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Multi Cartridge Housings

The 60 Series is a range of light weight multi-cartridge housings suitable for general liquid and gas process applications. They are offered with a range of closure types and inlet and outlet connections. The range includes the free standing 61 Series housings and the dished end 62 Series. The 63 Series and 64 Series housings have a centre closure to provide easier access for filter change outs. The 65 Series housing is designed for higher pressures and the 66 Series is specifically for high flow, large diameter filters.

  • 66-series-ffc-multi-round
  • 66-series-hfc-single-round
  • 64-series-en
  • 63-series-en
  • 66-series-hfc-multi-round
  • 61-series-en
  • 62-series-3-18-round
  • 66-series-ffc-single-round
  • 65-series