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DuoMesh lined basket filters have been designed to be used in standard bag filter housings and to provide cost effective filtration for a wide range of applications.

The baskets are manufactured from 316L stainless steel mesh so can be cleaned and reused time and time again. DuoMesh basket filters are available in a range of removal ratings from 50 –2000µm so can be used for fine, medium or coarse clarification or as a prefilter to finer filters downstream. They are available as single, double or triple length baskets and in different diameters.

If backwashing is required, please contact the Amazon Filters sales office for advice.

Product Features

  • Robust construction in 316L stainless steel
  • Available in single or triple layer mesh providing removal ratings from 50 to 2000µm
  • Can be supplied as single, double or triple  length baskets
  • Range of collar sizes available
  • Offered with a handle to aid removal from housing
  • Consistent and reliable performance under a wide range of process conditions

Filter Housings

Amazon Filters manufacture a comprehensive range of filter housings for the DuoMesh baskets. These can be manufactured from a range of metals and in different sizes so can be supplied to suit all flow rates. Please consult our Sales Office for further details on these ranges.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in a range of removal ratings so suitable for a wide range of filtration applications
  • 316L construction offers wide chemical and process compatibility
  • Offered with a handle to aid removal from housing

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