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DuoLine HE

DuoLine HE filter bags have been designed to provide effective filtration for a wide range of applications using a variety of graded filter media.

DuoLine HE bags utilise multi layered polypropylene microfibre media with built in pre-filter layers. The progressive density depth filtration delivers high efficiency of up to 99.9% positive and controlled solids removal*.

The multi layered construction of the HE Bag uses varying thickness of media to create a depth type filter with up to 12 different grades of material.
Two bag diameters are available in the DuoLine HE range, 4¼ and 7” both fitted as standard with a top ring locator in various materials and styles.

Product Features

  • Polypropylene melt blown media, rated between 0.5 – 25µm
  • High efficiency media for critical applications

All DuoLine HE bags are designed to filter from the inside to out leaving the contamination inside the bag for simple disposal.

Amazon Filters manufacture a comprehensive range of filter housings for the DuoLine HE bags, please consult our sales office for further details of the full range.

* Verified by independent laboratory testing using latex beads yielding efficiencies up to 99.9% under controlled laboratory conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Micron ratings available from 0.5 to 25µm for wide ranging filtration needs
  • Optional moulded polypropylene flange with handles for superior sealing and ease of handling
  • Wide selection of filter media and support ring materials
  • Identification supplied with every bag
  • Silicone free for use in automotive paint applications

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